NEW Book Reflections A Photographic Journey of Beauty and Light

Striking Photography by Bo


NEW Book…

Reflections: A Photographic Journey of Beauty and Light

Authored by Roland Byrd, Bo Insogna
Photographs by Bo Insogna

Reflections: A Photographic Journey of Beauty and Light

Everything has a story, beauty, meaning beyond first glance. Capturing the wonder of a moment is a priceless gift. Photographer Bo Insogna is a master at capturing beauty with his lens. Author Roland Byrd is a master at capturing beauty with words. In this collaboration, they use Bo’s photography and Roland’s words to paint Beauty, Hope, Joy, & Inspiration for your heart & soul.

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3 P’s – The Art Of Selling Art


Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


If you are an artist or photographer who has a dream of making a career out of your craft, you will need three things:  practice, promotion and patience.  And you will need them exactly in that order.

Practice means that you will be painting a lot of paintings.  Many will be thrown right in the trash because they just didn’t work out.  Photographers will be taking many photos in a single shoot only to find that none of them work or if you are lucky one is good enough to list for sale.  You will try new things that will either be total flops or lead you to something really cool and interesting.  You will invest money that seemingly never pays off.  These days I sell about 5 prints a day on average from the various POD sites I am on and about 2 originals per week. The majority…

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Incredible work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


They say that sex sells.  I am not sure who “they” are, but I can tell you that when it comes to my art it simply isn’t true.  I mostly sell flowers, landscapes and animals.  My sexy and/or edgy pieces take second seat.  People rarely comment on them and even more rarely buy.  I know it isn’t that the work is bad.  It has to do with people’s insecurities and their fear of judgement.  Not many art collectors are brave enough to have nudes displayed as focal points in their homes.  There might be the charcoal drawing in the bedroom or maybe an abstract in a guest bathroom, but nothing that “shows” anything. Or even worse suggests anything sexual.  As a society we are still very prudish when it comes to art which is odd since T.V. and media are filled with raunchy nasty nude imagery.  Art is art.  Be…

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Color Addiction….

Fantastic work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I am a certified color junkie.  Ever since I can remember colors were never bright enough for me.  There were never enough in my environment to satisfy me.  The world was boring and I’ve always wanted more.  It’s why you just don’t see muted pastels in my art (or maybe you do).  I use the brightest and most vibrant colors I can find and mix, but you may not see all of them.  And now there may be a scientific explanation for my extreme color cravings.  An unknown number of women may perceive 
millions of colors invisible to the rest of us.  These women have four cones in their eye for detecting colors.  The vast majority of people only have three.  I am not a scientist, so I will just post a link (some text in this blog is referenced from this article):


Scientists have dubbed these people tetrachromats.  An…

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I’ve got CRABS!!

Excellent work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


No not “those” kind!  But now that I’ve gotten your attention, let’s take a look at this strange looking ocean creature. Crabs are decapods (ten legs) crustaceans (their skeleton is on the outside) and arthropods (they have segmented legs). Interesting FACTS:

If a crab loses a claw, it will grow back.

Males grow one larger claw.  It’s purpose is to impress female crabs rather than for attack or defense.

A crab’s teeth are in its stomach.

Crabs can be carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores.

Crabs can also be cannibals and will sometimes feed on weaker crabs of the same species.

There are 6,793 species of crabs divided into 93 families.

King Crabs are not considered true crabs.  Neither are Hermit, Porcelain, or Horseshoe Crabs.

We began on a light note, so we might as well end on one too. 🙂

Man walks into a restaurant and says, “Do you server crabs here?”

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