All living things grow and develop by virtue of the life force within them. ~Derek Lin

Beautiful work!

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Mother of Eternity Abstract Living Artwork Omaste Witkowski

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Mother of Eternity

I see life in this abstract Digital Artwork. The golden glow that envelops us all and the essence of life that we are all born from and live within. I see my mother and the beauty of her life and the soul that she still is. All of us are contained in the same loving embrace and I draw amazing comfort from the connections I am surrounded by. Love and Life and Joy are all contained within compassion and peace. Love for one is love for all when the source is contained within. A deep peace will bring a long life and the colors of the rainbow define it all. There is a story here and you need to look deeply to embrace it all. I painted many small strokes of color into the larger picture in order to show the complexity and detail. Nothing is simple…

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