Gypsy’ Horsey gifts for Christmas

Fantastic work as always!

Valerie Anne Kelly

Let me introduce you to Gypsy’ my latest 3D virtual reality equine painting. She is a Connemara mare.

The Connemara pony (Irish: Capaillín Chonamara )is a pony breed originating in Ireland. They are known for their athleticism, versatility and good disposition. The breed makes excellent show ponies.

A variety of gifts & stocking fillers,please click on pics to visit websites

The Connemara region in County Galway in western Ireland, where the breed first became recognized as a distinct type, is a very harsh landscape, thus giving rise to a pony breed of hardy, strong individuals. Some believe that the Connemara developed from Scandinavian ponies that the Vikings first brought to Ireland. Another source was likely the Irish Hobby, a now-extinct breed established prior to the 13th century. Legend, however, says that galleons from the Spanish Armada ran aground in 1588, and the Andalusians on board were set loose. The Spanish horses bred with the native stock, refining the local ponies.

For additional strength and stamina, Arabian blood was added…

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I’ve Got A Nice Pair…

Great title…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Of pears….. My pears have always been popular.  People love to stare at them.  I used to keep my fruit to myself, but now thousands of people all over the World have my ripe beauties in their homes and offices.  It’s even o.k. to touch them.  My husband doesn’t mind. 😉  

In fact I have more than one set of this deliciously beautiful fruit.  They come in different sizes from extra large to itty bitty.  When someone asked me recently if I had any pears with blue, gray and yellow, I realized that one was just waiting to be created.  Please enjoy my latest piece titled “A Nice Pear” above.

And take a look at my first pear titled “Golden Pear” below:


You cannot go wrong.  Grab a pair today!

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