Inner Strength…

Beautiful Art and well said!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


You hear it said often that success “looks” a lot like hard work.  I disagree.  The most successful people I know make it look easy.  It doesn’t look like work at all.  It would be more accurate to say that  success “feels” like hard work.  To make it as an artist you have to have a lot of “inner strength”.  Yes, you will be praised but you will also be severely criticized.  You will make sales, but you will also spend countless hours emailing/talking on the phone with people who never buy.  You will create amazing pieces but sometimes sit back in disbelief each day as the days turn into months or years without that work selling.  You will make artistic friends and creative enemies.  You will have days when you are so motivated to create that you feel as if your soul and brain will burst out of you…

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