I’m Tying One On…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings



No I am not drinking on the job. 😉  But I am playing with men’s neckties.  I’ve always had a fascination with these fashionable little pieces of art ever since I was a girl.  Let’s face it….for the most part men’s clothing is boring.  Sure, if you live in Milan and are a part of the fashion scene, there will be a lot of variety and flair.  But for the everyday man it is pants, shirt and a belt with very little color or pattern.  The only real way to jazz it up is a tie.  Ties are pretty.  Gay or straight, it is one way that men can show some artsy beauty without being judged by society.  

In this piece cumulatively titled “Tying One On” I am not only showcasing the beauty of men’s attire, but also showing a little humor.  

“Friday Morning”………….straight and ready for work:

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