Are You Honest?

Beautiful Art

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Ask most people if they are honest and they will say “yes” with absolute conviction.  We as a people like to think that we have integrity and morals.  In the larger picture, that may be true. After all the majority of the population obey the rules and stay out of jail.  We work hard and raise our children to be upstanding citizens.  We pay our taxes.  We live an honorable life.

But the truth is (pun intended) that we tell “little” lies all of the time.  We convince our little ones that there is this person called Santa Claus.  We tell our friends we have other plans when we just do not feel like going out to dinner with them.  We call in sick to work when what we really want is a day off.  And we tell our mate we had a salad for lunch when we…

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The Praying Monk Lightning Strike

#Lightning #PrayingMonk

Striking Photography by Bo

The Praying Monk Lightning Strike - James Bo Insogna

The Praying Monk  is a rock formation on the side of the famous Camelback mountain that sits in between Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona.  From the first time I saw this I was always fascinated with it and thought It would make a great spiritual shot with lightning striking. This is a shot that I worked on for three years to get. This is the real deal.  I can not tell you how many times I went to my spot on the top side of this mountain and got nothing. 

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