Leap of Faith

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Striking Photography by Bo

Leap of Faith - James Bo Insogna

Fantastic day to jump out of a perfectly good  airplane 🙂 .  A  skydiver  parachuting in front of the majestic grand Colorado rocky mountains  Twin PeaksMount Meeker 13,911 ft and Longs Peak 14,256 ft.  Buy Prints On Line – Gallery

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Flatirons and Snow Covered Longs Peak Panorama

#Colorado art

Striking Photography by Bo

Flatirons and Snow Covered Longs Peak Panorama

A scenic landscape panorama view of the Rocky Mountains front range north of Denver with the famous Flatirons and snow covered Longs Peak 14,256 feet with NCAR. Clear blue skies above Boulder Colorado and over the Rockies.   Prints On Line Gallery -Flatirons and Snow Covered Longs Peak Panorama

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Getting Into Trouble!

cars Art

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings




Yesterday while out driving around with my Hubby looking for places to take some pictures, we stumbled across a parking lot filled with vintage Porsche’s.  What a sight to see!  And best of all, the show was over and there were hardly any people about.  We had free reign to take as many shots as we pleased without any pesky humans in the way. 🙂  

Whenever I see one of these old classics, I think of my crazy uncle.  Doesn’t everyone have a “crazy uncle”?  Well I do.  And if you are reading this, you are mine Uncle Rick. 😉  

When I was around 13 years old and staying with my cousin for a week up in the hills of Georgia, my Uncle Rick thought it would be great fun to teach me how to drive.  Now that sounds like a pretty normal thing to do…

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Double Lightning Strikes in Sepia HDR

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Striking Photography by Bo

Double Lightning Strikes in Sepia HDR

Double trouble lightning strikes, two C2G or cloud to ground lightning bolts striking the city lights.  These two bolts start high up in the clouds before making their way to the ground. looking North East of Longmont, Boulder County and Weld County, Colorado.  Black and white sepia HDR processing on this version.  8-20-2011 – 11:00pm  – ISO 250 – F5.6 – 15 Sec – 28mm.  These two strikes happened at the same time.   Buy Prints On-Line – Double Lightning Strikes in Sepia HDR

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