Lightning Storm And The Big Red Barn

Striking Photography by Bo

Lightning Storm And The Big Red Barn

Spectacular cloud to cloud lightning thunderstorm striking above the BIG Red Barn at Lohr-McIntosh Farm and Agricultural Heritage Center on open space in Longmont Colorado, Boulder County.  This storm came in fast and left the same way heading to the northeast out toward Ft Collins and Greeley.   ( Prints for sale online – Lightning Storm And The Big Red Barn)

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Wild West Show at the 2014 National Western Stock Show

Lincoln's Thinkin's

This is a video compilation of my (Lincoln Rogers) photography, interviews and video clips regarding the Wild West Show at the 2014 National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

All images, interviews and videos are copyright Lincoln Rogers, 2014 – All rights reserved.

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You can find Lincoln’s Fine Art Photography gallery online here

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Wanna Score On Valentine’s Day???

Beautiful art!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

A Slam Dunk!!

This year you’ve got this……bag the traditionally hyped up gifts or if you must, make them REALLY SPECIAL.  It’s time to think outside of the box. Consider a beautiful piece of artwork that will show your love and affection!  It will last a LIFETIME!  Every time your love looks at the piece hanging on their wall or sitting on their desk they will swell up with a warm feeling.  Seriously….you will blow them away!


Wanna pump it up a notch and SCORE major points? Sure you do!  Write a love note on the back of the gorgeous print you just bought them.  Perhaps a Neruda poem (look it up….they will melt!)?

Planning on proposing or giving jewelry?  Why be ordinary?  Tape the engagement ring to he back of the romantic print!! Imagine that…..a beautiful ring and a piece of artwork to mark the occasion…

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Taking In The View

Striking Photography by Bo

Taking In The View

Colorado offers such a great active lifestyle. Everywhere you turn there is nature’s beauty to enjoy, add incredible weather on top of it and you have the perfect Colorado lifestyle. It is places like and views like this that made me fall in Love with Colorado and Boulder County. This is a short drive up the foothills of the Rocky Mountain Flagstaff mountain and you get a view of snow covered mountain peaks as well as out into the plains.  My new happy place. Everyone should take a walk in the woods it does a body good to get in touch with the peacefulness of nature. I could sit on the bench in the forest for hours and gaze at the view. ( Prints for sale online –  Taking In The View )

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