Can You Do This?

Love the colors in this!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I am talking about MEDITATION.  Can you meditate?  For years I tried to bring this practice into my life.  After all, I am a type A personality.  And I am not talking an A- either.  I excel at motivation and drive.  I do not stop until I get the job done kinda gal.  I always knew it would be good for me to learn how to mentally “check out” and just “be.  I just did not know how to accomplish it.  I read books, watched videos and listened to tapes.  But I just could not relax and I certainly could not just observe my thoughts and let them pass through like leaves in the wind without attaching myself to them.  It was frustrating which did not help me feel better.  In fact, it did the opposite.  Every time I’d try and fail I would feel like something was wrong with…

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Yours To Discover…

Beautiful work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Canada is “from sea to sea”.  That’s their motto and it is quite fitting.  There is so much to see in this huge country.  From gorgeous coastlines to wooded mountains it has many breathtaking views.  Ontario is so big that it is “yours to discover”. Their major cities such as Quebec and Montreal just to name two have World class dining, theater and more.

My knowledge of Canada is limited to what I’ve seen in pictures, movies and hockey.  My daughter is a die hard hockey fan and we watch every Tampa Bay Lightning game.  With Canada boasting 7 teams we have watched them played many times as well.

I have been creating colorful maps lately and was delighted to work on a piece for Canada.  The country itself has an interesting shape with all of the inlets and islands.  Vivid and alive just as the Canadians I have had…

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An Exquisite Toxicity

Read Tom Lucas


Acid enhancement
Alcohol fueled inspiration
Sweating out

Reality unconfirmed
Reality deniable
Catalysts force action
Not action unforced

These things bring Evil
These things bring Good
An ego conflagration

Judgment individual
A mirror to one’s self
The court of the soul
The stains of sin
The sport of cleansing
The doing
The duty

This chemical attack might
Bring wisdom
Most likely bring injury
Maybe scars
And certainly

Beautiful corpses
Under disco balls
Smoke machines

This fog is profit
Experience births fury
A trip to remember
A vacation to fear
The torture
Of personal rebellion.

So bring the attack
Attempt control
This sheep will not be shamed
This one will not yield
This world is my world
And beyond your law
Your judgment

Beyond thought
Beyond custom
Beyond religion
Beyond the filth
Beyond the gods

In the ruins of the…

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