French Panties?

Beautiful work and #Art!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


All the ladies in France,

Don’t believe in underpants.

So they walk around town,

With their hineys hanging down.

As a kid we used to sing this little song that ended with all of us giggling at the thought.  I have no idea where this ditty came from, but I had the impression for many years that French ladies never wore panties!  Funny.

It is interesting what you “think” you know about a country that you have never visited or studied. I grew up on a horse ranch in Myakka City, Florida and we were not cultured or exposed to much outside of our little town.  It wasn’t until I moved away at 18 that I started to learn more about the real World.

As a youngster the French brought us french toast, ballet, french fries, armoires, croissants, brassieres and pie a la mode.  But they did not bring us…

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Electrical Arcing Sky

Striking Photography by Bo

Electrical Arcing Sky Art Print

Lightning bolts  giving off electrical arc’s in a stormy night sky above the Colorado Rocky Mountains foothills in north Boulder County.  Scenic landscape view from McIntosh Lake in Longmont. 8/5/2009 one year to the day of my fathers passing. Thanks Dad.  ISO 320 -15 sec- f9 – 47mm  – Custom prints for sale online –  Electrical Arcing Sky

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Colorado Garden of the Gods Sunset View

Striking Photography by Bo

Colorado Garden of the Gods Sunset View Art Print

Garden of the Gods with a beautiful colorful sunset sky.  The Garden of the Gods red rock formations were created during a geological upheaval along a natural fault line millions of years ago. Archaeological evidence shows that prehistoric people visited Garden of the Gods about 1330 BC. About 250 BC Native American people camped in the park.

Garden of the Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs on the north part of Colorado City, Colorado, USA. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1971. Custom prints for sale online of Colorado Garden of the Gods Sunset View

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OMG Yes!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


This isn’t the piece I had planned on listing today.  When a new father living in Seattle contacted me yesterday to tell me how much he loved my maps and that he wanted a special piece for his new baby girl but could not find anything, I couldn’t resist creating this one.

In his email he explained that he grew up in New England and that he wanted to share his heritage with his daughter.  He wanted things in their home to remind him of his childhood and to teach her about it as well.   Once I finished the work and sent him a preview, his response was:

“OMG Yes!”

And that is what makes my job so rewarding.  I can make people that happy just by doing things that come naturally to me. 🙂

New England Art Maps Home Decor Prints

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