Color Pink

MJ Springett


Friends, this is not outside, but in the indoors at Como Park in St Paul, every spring (or late winter) my color meter gets empty and i need to get it filled.  The Conservatory at Como is a delightful place year round, flowers blooming in great profusion.  This cyclamen still had the morning watering clinging to it, so i got in close to do a macro.  hope you like it til Tomorrow MJ

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Rocky Mountain Lookout Sunset Panorama

Striking Photography by Bo

Rocky Mountain Lookout Sunset Panorama Art Print

Scenic panorama view of the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from Lookout Road in Boulder County with a golden sunset sky and striped farm fields in the foreground. There is nothing like that magic hour in Colorado, it is always a pleasure to watch natures work at sunrises and sunsets.  This one of my favorite places and views.  Hope you like.

Custom prints available online of Rocky Mountain Lookout Sunset Panorama

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Showcase: Richard Smith

Fluster Magazine

Richard Smith explores unexpected interrelationships between everyday images through surrealist photomontage. Working with elements from nature, pedestrian objects, specially-commissioned photos, and scenes from his travels and neighborhood, he fuses these components into ethereal yet cohesive views that transcend their origins. A self-taught graphic artist with 20+ years of professional experience, Smith incorporates assimilated photographic techniques and modern photomanipulation approaches into his hand-crafted compositions at
Interviewed by Marinos Tsagkarakis
Up With The Sun - rsmithing

Hi Richard or do you prefer “rsmithing”? Really, what are the roots of nickname “rsmithing” that you chose to use as an artist?

Hello, and thanks for asking — just call me Richard. The “rsmithing” term is my quick online handle, giving some more personalization to my otherwise very standard name. It originated way back when Google rolled out Gmail. By the time I got on board, “rsmith” was already taken, so I added “-ing” as a concise means…

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Hungry Like A Wolf

fantastic work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Wolves are fascinating creatures. Hollywood has portrayed them as aggressive malicious animals that attack humans for no reason, when in fact they are quite shy. They will attack if threatened of course as anyone would, but they prefer to live peacefully in their territory. These beautiful creatures form family units and live and hunt as such. Each pack has an Alpha male and an Alpha female which protects and cares for the rest of their group which can be from 4 – 7 wolves. Everyone shares in the responsibility of pup rearing. Mating happens once a year and only the Alpha female gets this privilege. Wolves are quite large and can get to 200 pounds. They use their fur and howl to communicate with others. Sadly their population is declining mainly due to habitat loss. In my art I try to convey the beauty and majesty of these wonderful animals.

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