Hungry Like A Wolf

fantastic work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


Wolves are fascinating creatures. Hollywood has portrayed them as aggressive malicious animals that attack humans for no reason, when in fact they are quite shy. They will attack if threatened of course as anyone would, but they prefer to live peacefully in their territory. These beautiful creatures form family units and live and hunt as such. Each pack has an Alpha male and an Alpha female which protects and cares for the rest of their group which can be from 4 – 7 wolves. Everyone shares in the responsibility of pup rearing. Mating happens once a year and only the Alpha female gets this privilege. Wolves are quite large and can get to 200 pounds. They use their fur and howl to communicate with others. Sadly their population is declining mainly due to habitat loss. In my art I try to convey the beauty and majesty of these wonderful animals.

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