We Make A Family

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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


People often ask me about what pieces of art I have in my own home.  I not only create, but I also collect.  I have some amazing pieces from all over the World.  Paintings and sculpture.  Fine art from artists from Canada….Australia….Japan….France….The United States…and more.  I am highly eclectic in that if I see art that I love and can afford, I just buy it.  I do not worry about whether or not it will match the sofa.  It matches my soul.  The piece above titled “We Make A Family” was painted (by me) around 10 years ago.  It symbolized me, my husband and our daughter and the bond we share.  It hangs over my bed and I sleep under it every night.  Enjoy!

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A New Dawn Photography-Steven Reed

"Time after Time" “Time after Time”

I open my eyes. It’s still dark out. As my eyes focus I realize where I am. I look around I can see the soft glowing lights of some electronics. I can hear my wonderful wife breathing deep next to me. I’m in bed, I pull up the covers some more, and wonder, “What time is it?” Just then the alarm goes off. Now I know what time it is I say to myself silently cursing the alarm clock. I reach over and hit snooze, just a few more minutes please! But, no, I swing my legs over and get up to start my carefully choreographed timed morning routine. A bit later I realize I spent too much “time” working at the computer, so now I hope I can “time” traffic lights so I can get to work on “time”.

"Chains of Time" “Chains of Time”

“Time”  What is time? Is it a unit…

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