Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I bet you were surprised to see that as my title.  I am normally an upbeat energetic life loving artist.  I still am. But, I have problems just like everyone else.  I have health concerns, a teenager, animals in my care, a marriage, family struggles, financial worries sometimes and the list goes on.

I have learned by and large that there are two types of people on the Internet. Those who focus on all of life’s crap and negative things in the world.  And those that zero in on the good in people and the beauty of our world. Very few are in the middle.  I see the news.  I know about pain and suffering.  My life certainly has it’s share, but a long time ago, I decided that I wanted to be in the second camp.  The experts call this being an “optimist”.  I just call it self preservation.  I choose…

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