Golden Beams Of Sunlight Shining Down

Striking Photography by Bo

Golden Beams Of Sunlight Shining Down - James Bo Insogna

Scenic landscape view of golden beams of sunlight shining down through the clouds onto the agriculture farming plains with a view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains above.  Boulder County, Colorado.

Colorado Fine art nature landscape photographyposter prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints,metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

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An Awakening 2

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page

An Awakening 2    (Listen while you read)

BeautifulI ask myself: “What is ‘perception’.”

Yet another fallacy perpetrated upon humans, dear heart.

“A fallacy?”

Indeed, dear heart; a fallacy, a myth, an unknowingness.

“A falsehood?”

Indeed, dear one; a falsehood derived from within man’s mind.

“I have discovered the harm of my perceptions of late.”

We know, dearest. You have been freed from some.

“Yes, indeed I have.”

Do you feel differently, dear heart?

“Indeed, I do. I have come to appreciate the mind of man creates from fear and unknowingness (as you said). It, the mind, tends to be controlled by the imagination. It is tinged with a little wisdom however; more often than not it is influenced by the negative and not by the positive.”

Indeed, dearest; this is does. Have you never considered this before?

“Yes, I have. However, it has only been the past few days…

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All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination. ~Carl Jung

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Merging Fantasies Abstract Pattern Artwork by Omaste WItkowski

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Now that I am officially unemployed I am spending hours each day fantasizing about what it is I am going to do with my life. LOL. Not quite 🙂 Life is definitely different and I am still working through the reality of not having a steady job after 20+ years in the professional arena. My dream is to be an artist full time and support myself and my family with my creative work. At this moment I am not sure if it will work out or not but I am giving myself a chance to dream a new dream and follow my hearts calling. Namaste 🙂

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