An Awakening 2

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page

An Awakening 2    (Listen while you read)

BeautifulI ask myself: “What is ‘perception’.”

Yet another fallacy perpetrated upon humans, dear heart.

“A fallacy?”

Indeed, dear heart; a fallacy, a myth, an unknowingness.

“A falsehood?”

Indeed, dear one; a falsehood derived from within man’s mind.

“I have discovered the harm of my perceptions of late.”

We know, dearest. You have been freed from some.

“Yes, indeed I have.”

Do you feel differently, dear heart?

“Indeed, I do. I have come to appreciate the mind of man creates from fear and unknowingness (as you said). It, the mind, tends to be controlled by the imagination. It is tinged with a little wisdom however; more often than not it is influenced by the negative and not by the positive.”

Indeed, dearest; this is does. Have you never considered this before?

“Yes, I have. However, it has only been the past few days…

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