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The story of Frankenstein and his monster was always one of my favorites as a child and still now do I love the monster for he had a heart full of love. His Bride was also one of my favorite creatures and I do like seeing them together. This artwork was painted on an 8 × 10″ canvas with acrylic paint and sparkle paint.

On Auction for 7 days – Starting Bid is $9.99 and No Reserve.

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My Monster My Bride by Laura Barbosa - display

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Queen of the West

Through My Lens

The cruise paddle wheeler “Queen of the West” was parked on the Columbia River the day before we left Portland.  The first cruise of the season was scheduled to begin April 26th.

Maralee_Park_140425_62826_5_4-EditA heavy rainstorm had passed over about 30 minutes before I took this photo.  The sky had cleared above me but the ominous clouds from the storm had passed to the east to give a lot of drama to the sky.


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Thunderstorm on the Colorado Plains Panorama

Striking Photography by Bo

Thunderstorm on the Colorado Plains Panorama

Lightning thunderstorm with cloud to ground lightning striking out on the plains of North Boulder County, Colorado.   Mother Nature putting on a great show, this is better than fireworks any day.

Cloud-to-ground lightning bolts are very common, about 100 strike the Earth’s surface every single second—and their power is extraordinary. Each bolt can contain up to one billion volts of electricity.  YIKES!

Custom fine art prints available online of Thunderstorm on the Colorado Plains Panorama

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