Painting Sadness and Finding Beauty

Laura Carter Art

I’m most inspired by people, especially faces. I find beauty in sadness so a lot of my art can be emotionally packed. There is something so beautiful and strong about a sad or lonely expression, I always feel very moved by it.


Image  Image


I also love texture and find beauty in aging brick, stonewalls with rust drips, rusted old iron and copper. A dilapidated building will bring me more inspiration then a flower garden or sun filled day. I find beauty and inspiration where others might see aging, sadness and loneliness, neglect or decay.




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Dreaming by the Pond

Laura Macky Photography

The night I shot “Rising Gold”, the picture of the moon, I took this of Weeping Willows.  We have several of them here near the lake outside our back deck and they really are beautiful.  Standing there waiting for the moon to rise over the pines, I turned around 360 degrees to see what else could be captured.  The willows have such a dreamy quality to me, so that’s what I tried to convey here.  I wish there had been a duck in the pond but sometimes we just take what we can get.willow-web

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I Take One of These Every Day…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


If you clicked on my blog expecting the next magical do it all supplement, I am sorry but that isn’t it.  And it’s not a drug, nap or long walk either. It is simply a “leap of faith”.  I swing my legs out of bed and believe they will work properly.  I trust that my hands will be able to paint and that my eyes will be able to see.  I have dealt with a neurological challenge for over 18 years now and some days those simple tasks elude me.  But most days I just have faith and the miracle of a normal day appears.

For me, my artwork is a big part of that leap.  And let me tell you it is a sprinting, all out, do not stop kind of jump!  It isn’t easy putting yourself out there every single day for judgement.  Imagine yourself standing naked in a…

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Red Barn on a Farm and What a Beautiful Sight

Striking Photography by Bo

Red Barn on a Farm and What a Beautiful Sight

A Colorado spring thunderstorm striking in the late night above a red barn on a farm and what a beautiful sight.  This is another one  my first storm chase of the 2014 season and what a great show. It was a great night of many images to be had of this beautiful thunderstorm landscape, as you can tell from recent post.

Nice to see the agriculture plains sky light up  like this.   Farming community North East of Longmont.   Custom prints available online of  Red Barn on a Farm and What a Beautiful Sight

Colorado fine art nature landscape weather photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by storm chaser James Bo Insogna aka “The Lightning Man” .com (C) – All Rights Reserved.


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