Forest Stream

Striking Photography by Bo

Forest Stream

Colorado Rocky Mountain stream with cascading water falls coming down from this forest stream Longs Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Boulder County Colorado.   This is a long exposure with ND filter.

Colorado fine art nature landscape photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

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2014 Deschutes County Fair Photography

Eponaleah's Photoblography

I have done pretty well this year in my fair photography placings. You can read about my Del Mar (San Diego) Fair photography here. If you would like to check out how I have fared in previous years’ competitions, check out THIS, THIS and THIS.

This year I entered in 20 categories at the 2014 Deschutes County Fair Photography Competition. Every entry ribboned. Here are my placings this year by order of first, second and third. The first image also won Best of Show for my division (adult advanced) and was selected to go to state fair.


Best of Show, Selected for State Fair Best of Show, Selected for State Fair, Adult Advanced – Color, Pet/Farm Animal

Adult Advanced - Color Architecture Adult Advanced – Color, Architecture

Adult Advanced - Color, Fruits and Vegetables in Arrangements Adult Advanced – Color, Fruits and Vegetables in Arrangements

Adult Advanced - Color, Winter Scene Adult Advanced – Color, Winter Scene

Adult Advance - Color, Floral Adult Advance – Color, Floral

Adult Advanced - Color, Night Shot Adult Advanced – Color, Night Shot

Adult Advanced - Color, Bridges Adult Advanced – Color…

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July 17th 2014 Carlton Complex Wildfire Plume Of Smoke

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

July 17th 2014 Carlton Complex Plume Wildfire Art by Omaste Witkowski

On July 14th 2014, we were driving home through a Thunderstorm and witnessed multiple lightning strikes and heard the ominous rumblings of thunder all around us. Passing through Carlton we saw a fresh spot of fire on a hillside visible from Highway 153. I was struck by the idea that this small fire might turn into something much larger if it was not put out soon. Little did I know at the time there were many more small fires started by lightning that evening. Over the course of a few days many of these small fires were fanned into a much larger complex of burning acreage that came to be known as the Carlton Complex. Starting Monday, getting big by Wednesday, we lost power on Thursday and by Friday more than 300 homes were lost to the flames. The fire would eventually cover 256,108 acres (400.2 sq mi; 1,036 km2). We had…

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Capa de Leon 10

A Traveler's Tale

???????????Staghorn Fern or Elkhorn Fern.



This is the actual photo of the half dozen or more of these plants in my yard.  The local name of this plant is Capa de Leon  (lion’s cape) probably because of the shape of the plant when it’s mature.  It actually belongs to the family of  platycerium, also known as staghorn fern or elkhorn fern because of the unique shape of its fronds that has some semblance in shape to the horn of an elk.

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Cullahill Castle

Ed Mooney Photography

Cullahill Castle (1)

Cullahill Castle (2)

Another impressive ruin that my little Ruinhunters visited recently was the impressive Keep of Cullahill Castle in Co. Laois. Having never been here before I was not sure of its suitability for the little ones, and as luck would have it, Cullahill was not the best  of ruins to explore with kids. So I kept the exploring at a safe distance, due the amount of rubble and will come back at a later stage to have a good look around.

Cullahill Castle (3)

Cullahill Castle (4)

The Keep which stands on the south-western corner of a large seven-sided Bawn was built around 1425 by Finghin Mac Giolla Phádraig, stands at approx 90 feet in height. This five storey Tower with a wall-walk was built upon solid rock and  constructed using roughly coursed Limestone. Most of the north portion of the tower is missing, as is the doorway. Their looks to have been a mural stairway in…

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