“Isn’t every human being both a scientist and an artist; and…”

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“Isn’t every human being both a scientist and an artist; and in writing of human experience, isn’t there a good deal to be said for recognizing that fact and for using both methods?”

– James Agee, 1909-1955, American, author, journalist, poet, screenwriter, film critic, photographer, Pulitzer Prize (photograph by Walker Evans )

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Excerpt of exceptional post on Flavorwire Blog http://flavorwire.com/456373/flavorwire-author-club-james-agee-defined-new-journalism-with-let-us-now-praise-famous-men

To be more interested in life is to produce a strange, haunting work of American literature, and that’s no small feat. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men was fighting against itself, a divided heart at war, and yet it’s still a lasting work of art; a mirror that reflects what America is to the people that work in it. It may very well change your life.

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Skull Cloud

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Since the Beginning of Mankind, People have been seeing Skull Images in Cloud Formations. These clouds have meanings for some and in certain cultures people who see them often think they hold a personal message. Some think these symbols have something to do with Time, Creation, Divinity or other worldly phenomena. This painting is a fantastical dream scape with many colors to boost the mind and elevate the soul.

LARGE 24 x 36″ Acrylic Painting with Texture!

On Auction for ** 7 days ** – Starting Bid is $1.00

Place a Bid Now: http://tinyurl.com/skullcloudart

Skull Cloud by Laura Barbosa - display

Skull Cloud by Laura Barbosa - Graffiti


skull cloud art

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Bitter Berry Sea

Heart of Art Blog

There’s my boat, right where I left it, in the sea, a sea of berries and sweet scented air. Alone, in the Bitter Berry Sea. Purple water and pink clouds. Rowing my boat on Bitter Berry Sea.

Medium 12 x 12″ Acrylic Painting with Texture!
(Hidden Sailboat Behind the Clouds)

On Auction for ** 5 days ** – Win it for $24.99

Place a Bid Now: http://tinyurl.com/bitterberrysea

Bitter Berry Sea by Laura Barbosa - display

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