Beautiful work!

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Color spell draws me
Within the subtle splendor
Whisper strokes
His hand blends the heart
Into awakening.
To show you the beauty
Irresistible in love
Skies song of pastel
Sings to me of lullabies
And summer nights
Spent in solitude
Passing through
From one moment to the next
Into the frame
Of awakening.

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I Am R.E.T.I.R.I.N.G…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

Screenshot 2014-08-14 09.39.32

No not entirely.  I could never do that!  I will continue to create new paintings and mixed media pieces until they pry the brush out of my gnarled hands!  New photography is also coming soon!

But I am R.E.T.I.R.I.N.G. my “Pure Water” and “Black Magic” styles….it’s been an amazing 10 years with these! I’ve sold over 1200 as originals and commissions! ONLY 11 “Pure Water” left…I sold 4 yesterday! 28 “Black Magic” remain…..All are O.R.I.G.I.N.A.L.S…..And S.I.G.N.E.D…..And they are ON SALE!! When they are gone, they are gone and no more will be created!

Pure Water is here:

Screenshot 2014-08-14 09.43.11

Black Magic is here:

Prints are available for a handful of these works, but nothing beats an ORIGINAL!!  Get em while you can!

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F-A-C-E- Value

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

A portrait  photograph by Award Winning Photographer Jo Ann Tomaselli of two schoolgirls in Laos wearing white shirts and red scarves show that they're best friend by linking their hands and forming a heart around themselves. Buy Best Fine Art Photography at Forever Friends

Gallery @  Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Fine Art Photography

People ask me all the time to take photos of weddings, family reunions and even corporate portfolio shots but that’s not my cup of tea. I prefer environmental portraiture and absolutely love my subjects rumpled, dusty, a bit streaked with dirt and in natural light. The images here were taken with a Canon 5D Markll. I’ve recently switched to the smaller Olympus OMD EM1 which, I feel, narrows the psychological distance when doing street photography.

Thanks for taking a look!
Jo Ann Tomaselli

A young boys initiation into the Buddhist monk-hood ceremony at Angkor Wat Fine Art Travel Photography For-Sale online BUDDHIST MONK INITIATION

Best Buy of Travel Fine Art Photography School Boys In India

best buy image art on-line of Fine Art Environmental Photography Skylas’ Retreat

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WordPress Visual & Verbal Reflections

All of my images are original work, copyrighted and as such, are protected by US and International Copyright laws.

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On shooting stars, a grand moon and a farewell (ode to Ajaytao)

Peace, Love and Patchouli

The brightest light is always
The one most missed when not in sight,
This splendid moon came marking
It’s tribute to a gift
To the blogging world.
Many honor the beauty
Many post the softness of a rose,
Some call out hello my dear
And smiles appear to know he is aware,
The stars shoot across the sky,
More beauty to behold
For those who see
The tiny gleam of a light
Moving so very fast,
Leaving you to wonder
If it were ever really there at all.
Below this sky
A garden grows,
For those not blessed with the ability
To walk out and see them in a yard,
There was a man
Who gifted this world
With images and beauty
Many may have never seen.
I will miss the kindest words
I will miss the smiles of his friends captured
And shared,
I will miss one of my…

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Abstract Flower Swirl Art – Exploring Flowers and Photography Through Painting


Priya Ghose Photography

Abstract Flower Art

A vibrant ink painting depicting swirling red and purple flowers atop stems of green, blue and teal.

While I currently see myself as primarily a photographer, I have begun to explore my artistic roots again. You can read more about the reasons behind this exploration here.

I must admit I’ve really overdone it lately, and my body is complaining loudly and quite persistently. At a time when each press of a key on my keyboard makes me wince, I wanted to post this bold and vivid explosion of color and movement. Not only is it a celebration of the possibility of alternate forms of creativity, it also features one of my favorite photographic subjects – the flower.

As an avid gardener, taking pictures of flowers is what initially led me into the amazing world of photography. Therefore, this alcohol ink painting is a reminder of two of my greatest…

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Colorado Indian Peaks Wilderness Milky Way Panorama

Striking Photography by Bo

Colorado Indian Peaks Wilderness Milky Way Panoram Art

A very large panorama view of the Milky Way over the Colorado Rocky Mountains front range, view to the west on the left of the Indian Peaks over Brainard Lake  and to the northeast on the right getting some cloud city lights reflection from Boulder Colorado.  This is my most favorite place in the world and one of the reasons I love Colorado and Boulder County so much.

It also has so many memories for me dating back to the late 70’s early 80’s. My few day there could not have been better.  It was like my father and sister were above in the heavens helping me out.  The only camping spot I  could get was the number 13, that is my sisters number, and it always comes  up in our family.  Lucky 13. There were a couple Bull Mosses bedded behind  me about 10 feet as I…

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