N.E.V.E.R. Give Up!

very cool!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


I remember this piece very well.  I almost threw it away.  I spent many hours using Pantone markers and Prismacolor colored pencils getting the details of their fur just right.  I wanted the eyes to have expression and depth.  I was pleased with it’s progress until I tried to create a background.  For some reason the grass and trees weren’t coming out the way I envisioned. They seemed too bright and did not look as good as the animals.  I was crushed!  Then I thought I could save it by making the background solid black.  You can still see some of the black around the mane.  But that didn’t work either.  Finally in a last ditch effort to save all of my hard work, I got my x-acto knife and started the grueling task of cutting the giraffes out.  I had to be so careful.

In the end, I decided to…

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Communication Sensation

Striking Photography by Bo

Communication Sensation Art Print

Lightning bolt striking next to a communication tower near The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL’s) National Wind Technology Center (NWTC), located at the base of the foothills just south of Boulder, Colorado, is the nation’s premier wind energy technology research facility.

Communication Sensation Art Print

Colorado fine art nature landscape weather photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by Storm catcher James Bo Insogna aka The Lightning Man (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

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