Cullahill Castle

Ed Mooney Photography

Cullahill Castle (1)

Cullahill Castle (2)

Another impressive ruin that my little Ruinhunters visited recently was the impressive Keep of Cullahill Castle in Co. Laois. Having never been here before I was not sure of its suitability for the little ones, and as luck would have it, Cullahill was not the best  of ruins to explore with kids. So I kept the exploring at a safe distance, due the amount of rubble and will come back at a later stage to have a good look around.

Cullahill Castle (3)

Cullahill Castle (4)

The Keep which stands on the south-western corner of a large seven-sided Bawn was built around 1425 by Finghin Mac Giolla Phádraig, stands at approx 90 feet in height. This five storey Tower with a wall-walk was built upon solid rock and  constructed using roughly coursed Limestone. Most of the north portion of the tower is missing, as is the doorway. Their looks to have been a mural stairway in…

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Little A.N.G.E.L.S…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


“Little Angels”

Angel Fish Art

Pen and Ink on Illustration Board

Sharon Cummings



I am still digging around through my old portfolio.  I found these little angels swimming in the ocean of boards and papers.  They looked so crisp and clean until I scanned them and saw the close ups.  You can see the irregularities in the amount of ink applied to different areas.  There is also an ink “bleed” on the lines.  I am sure I was quite pleased back then, but with the perfectionism of the computer age, this would not fly now. 😉

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Week-End Labor of L-o-V-e!

Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Visual & Verbal Reflections

Jo Ann Tomaselli -

Father and Son Beach Walk by Jo Ann Tomaselli


Hopefully this week-end you’ll be doing something fun like walking on the beach with a loved one ~ or loved ‘thing’ like your camera!

Sunrise on the beach is a wonderful time to take photographs.

The heat of the day is not yet evident, the blue of the sky is still a promise and as the rising sun breaks the horizon, the sand, the sea and the ocean are painted in hues of yellow gold and brown.

Shooting directly into the sun, the camera exposes for the sky and whatever is in the foreground, in this case a father and his son, are rendered in silhouette.

Enjoy your weekend ~ where-ever you are and what-ever your doing!

Happy Labor Day!

Jo Ann


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