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Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


“Free Spirit”

New Art Mixed Media Painting on Fabric Fused Digitally.

Sharon Cummings


I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit since the time I could walk, but today I am not talking about that personality trait.  When I was a little girl, I loved riding my bike. Being the younger of two girls, I always got the “hand me downs” from my sister.  So it was her old beat up economy cycle that I learned to ride on.

My older brother had a beautiful bike.  It was sleek and colorful and oh so enviable.  It was way too big for me and every time I tried to sit on it, that painful bar would get me right between the legs!  His was a “Free Spirit”.  It was red, white and blue.  I wanted one so badly.  Every Christmas it was all I would ask for.  One season…

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Birch Trees in the Woods – Featured Art Print


Birch Trees in the WoodsBirch Trees in the Woods

I don’t think its any secret that I love the beauty of nature. I love to experience it, hike in it and look at it. Most of my inspirations come from my venturing out and looking at the beauty around us and trying to capture it. The art print I am featuring today celebrates just such subtle beauty. I chose “ Birch Trees in the Woods” from my Landscape Oil Collection. This particular art print is from one of my many hikes last year in the Issaquah area of Washington. Issaquah is now an eastern suburb of Seattle, but started as a town located in the foothills of the mountains far away from the big city of Seattle. It has kept most of its rustic charm and preserved the natural beauty around it with all of the forest-covered foothills. There are an abundance of hiking…

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Calm above breaking through

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Waters lay smooth

like polished marble

reflected lights of skies above.

what lies below will grow

and at some point

break through

as it is born to fulfill its destiny

and nothing short of dying

can change this fact.

Reaching through to air



An island among nothing

yet in and of itself

so very beautiful

for the strength and tenacity

as it held firm through each storm

and stood alone proud,

Unafraid to be itself,

To be all it was meant to be.

photo credit to:  Silhouette of trees at Dawn-Luiza Boldeanu.

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