The mind is everything. What you think you become. ~Buddha

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

A Rainbow Of Life Abstract Living Art by Omaste Witkowski

What would you like to become? I think about this most every day. I feel as though I am in a fairly constant state of being and transforming. I am always looking for the next new idea or experience. Not content to be still for very long I love being aware. It makes me feel alive and engaged. At times I am still and I contemplate what it all means and then I am off again. My artwork today is a representation of my latest leg on my journey. An extreme indication of a creative mind. I am compelled to visually extract my lessons into a physical realm and here they sit waiting for an unsuspecting viewer to wander by 🙂


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Thunderstorms, Daily Life Battles and An Owl Painting

Love this!

Laura Carter Art

Today it is pouring rain, there is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, the skies are dark and dreary; the air feels heavy, ominous.

Today is a day for battening down the hatches, curling up in a snug blanket while waiting for the storm to pass.

I feel like this is my life as of late, always waiting for the storm to pass. During these storms, these daily battles I use painting as my comforting blanket, my solace.

Here is an owl painting that was constructed while I worried endlessly about my life;Abstract owl painting by Laura Carter it brought me calm and chipped away at my feelings of helplessness. I painted this owl on a highly textured background; I fought the paint against the bumpy road of the surface, like I am fighting against the bumpy road of my current state of affairs.

Today it is pouring rain, it is dark and dreary, thankfully, tomorrow’s…

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So Much B.U.L.L…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


“Love A Bull 2”

New Art Mixed Media Painting

Sharon Cummings


For the career online artist, each day brings it’s share of bull.  All we really want to do is create.  There is an energy and freedom in the creative process that feeds our souls. Everything else is outside of our comfort zone.  We list and promote, but we’ve gotten used to that.  It’s the other stuff like Chinese sweat shops stealing our work including our names, so that when our collectors search they find us there.  Regular folks that take our work and put them on socks, t-shirts and mugs for their schools, business, etc.  The businesses that want to pay us pennies for our hard work.  Companies stealing patterns from your work for brush tools.  And the list goes on…

One could choose to focus on all of that crap and become depressed.  Or the choice can…

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Double Lightning Strike Harmony

Striking Photography by Bo

Double Lightning Strike Harmony

Lightning bolts striking the Colorado Dacona oil fields in harmony.  Two lightning bolts striking next to a oil well pump jack.  This was taken on September 19th, 2014  8:08 pm  and very well might be the last of the season.  Settings – ISO 200 – 30 sec – f8 – 75mm

Colorado fine art nature landscape lightning weather photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

Double Lightning Strike In Harmony Art Print

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