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Haystack Rocky Mountain Front Range Sunset Panorama

Striking Photography by Bo

Haystack Rocky Mountain Front Range Sunset Panorama

Winter sunrises and sunsets in Colorado are a treat you can look to most mornings and nights. In January the sun rises about 7am and sun sets at about 5pm give or take a half hour, the point I want to make is more people tend to see them because it is the same time as everyone is going to and from school and work. I hate it because there are a lot of people on the roads, but on the plus side you do not have to get up in the middle of the night to catch the sunrise.

This is a large panorama view with Haystack Mountain in north Boulder County Colorado, looking west to the Rocky Mountains front range above at sunset with a bank of clouds hanging on the continental divide.

Haystack Rocky Mountain Sunset Panorama Art Prints

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Colorado fine…

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Monarch Butterflies – Pacific Grove, California

Laura Macky Photography

While we were down in Pacific Grove, we stopped by the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary where thousands of butterflies migrate to this location for the fall and part of winter.   It was difficult to see the clusters because they were behind tree trunks and branches and didn’t make for good photos, but docents had spotting scopes so we could look through and see them more closely.   It really was amazing to see them in those clusters.  You can read more about this here:  Monarch Butterflies of Pacific Grove.

It was a challenging environment to shoot in considering dramatic lighting differences between shade and sunlight and not to mention that the butterflies were mostly flying all over the place.   I’ve never seen so many butterflies flying everywhere!  I did my best to capture some shots.  Most are cropped and maybe they aren’t the best but I thought I’d…

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Rocky Mountain Sunset Clouds Burning Layers Panorama Print

Striking Photography by Bo

Rocky Mountain Sunset Burning Layers Panorama Canvas Art

Panorama scenic view of the sun setting behind snow covered Colorado Rocky Mountains, a view of the front range with fantastic burning layers of colors in this sunset above Boulder Colorado and Boulder County.

Rocky Mountain Sunset Burning Layers Panorama Art Print

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Check out  the time lapse video that goes with this image.

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