Less Is M.O.R.E…

Love it!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

HalfGoldenFB“Golden Retriever Half Face”

Mixed Media Dog Photo Painting

Sharon Cummings



This isn’t exactly a “new” piece.  I created a full Golden Retriever quite a few years ago, but my half faced black lab drew a collector in.  She wanted the Labrador Retriever as is to represent one of her dogs.  But she also wanted a Golden to represent the other dog. So I cut the old image in half.  It sounds easy, but it wasn’t a simple process as there was a lot of tweaking involved and she wanted the fur coloring to be more like her pup. An hour and a half later the half face was born.  In the end, she was delighted and bought two prints!  Sometimes less is more…







Golden Retriever Art Pet Portrait Prints

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