Twisted Limbs


Meticulous Mick

As I drove away from the rainbow and ventured inland, I was suddenly taken aback by the trees overhead. The lane was covered with a tangled covering of branches as they searched out the path to the best light.

I almost felt as if I was looking down into a reflection on water. It almost didn’t seem real. Alas, the light was rather flat, but I thought I would try and capture the entanglement anyway:

Trees with twisted boughs in a North Cork land Twisted Limbs

It some ways it reminded me of the ‘dark hedges‘ in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Ulster.

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Sometimes You Have To Look At The Tiny Details In Order To See The Big Picture ~Omaste Witkowski

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

LAYER 4 Today’s layer is #4 and consists of two images. One is the color paint layer and the other is how I have used the colored paint layer.
To start, I created a yellow/gold layer based on colors contained within the original design layer. I use the rectangle tool in Photoshop to create a layer. Then I make the layer a specific color using the color picker tool and choosing from my design. This way I keep all of the colors in my final picture compatible with each other.
After I have chosen the color I use a Snap Art filter to make the solid color more of a brushstroked color. I use short brush strokes, lots of color variations and lots of saturation and contrast. This makes a nice textured pattern that has some awesome color variations. Again they are all the same color tones as the original design.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.02.12 AMNow…

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Car Curves – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot


This week’s photo shoot comes from an air show I attended last weekend. As part of the activities there was also a classic car competition. I love restored classic cars from an aesthetic viewpoint. It seems that “back in the day” automakers almost sculpted the lines and curves on cars. Fenders weren’t just part of the side, they were a statement to themselves. Let’s not forget the front grille, they weren’t just a ventilation system for the engine; they were a calling card about what the car stood for. Was it a muscle car exuding power or a luxury car selling that sleek curvy look?

From my perspective, the lines and curves of those great classic cars are an artistic opportunity. I try and shoot elements of the car to tell a story. With that being said, I have attached three separate shots in color and black and white. They both…

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Boulder Colorado Flatirons Early Morning Light Art Print

Striking Photography by Bo

Boulder Colorado Flatirons Early Morning Light Art Print

Scenic landscape view of the Flatirons  on the front range in Boulder Colorado as the sun is rising and the waning gibbous moon is setting behind the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Flatirons Early Morning Light Art Prints

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Colorado fine art nature landscape photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

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Lines of Inspiration

While at Descanso Gardens a few weeks ago, I walked under this willow tree and was surrounded by lines and contrast.  photograph of weeping willow tree by Janell MithaniAs I slowly turned in a circle while looking up, It made me think about how lines create form and interest, inspiring me to explore lines in different ways when I paint.  When I sketch, I am very conscious of line, but when I move to the medium of paint, I find that I think in terms of color and shape.

My first thoughts are towards my liner brush, (one of my most favorite tools,) but I want to look at new ways to emphasize line.  I am going to see how I can use some of my other brushes in a different manner to create “lines” in my next painting.

It’s amazing how nature inspires us in so many different ways!

Have a wonderful, creative day, Janell

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In Order To Reach The Destination You Have to Start The Journey ~Omaste Witkowski

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski


Today’s layer is #3. At this point I have my background design and my black and white illustration. I have the design as the bottom layer, then the b&w picture and now I start removing spaces to show the design underneath. I use the “magic wand” tool in Photoshop to select the areas of white that I want to remove. This leaves the black as a border and whatever is beneath what I have removed will show through. There is no real rhyme or reason as to how I craft the image at this point. I am “feeling” what the image wants to be. I believe that every picture tells a story and I am listening to the universe and trying to be true to the untold story emerging 🙂
Removing puzzle pieces to find the image rather than adding them…..

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Niagara Falls I Did Go!

Heaven On Earth

Hubby and I just returned from Niagara Falls, Canada, about one hour ago from this writing.  I planned extensively for this trip all week long, so I would leave nothing to chance and still … things went wrong. I was a bundle of nerves for one.  At first when we finally arrived at the Falls, the railing was too high in order for my tripod to be used and as I stood there trying to figure what in heck to do …

That is when the sun began to come a bit, and it was on the spot I decided to use my ND400 filter instead of my CP filter that I had on my 70-300mm lens.  Folks, I did not want to use my ND400 filter because it is so darn difficult to use.  I returned to an indoor location and put my ND400 filter on and just about…

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