Upturned Boat II

Meticulous Mick

I liked this upturned boat and the deep blue sky so much, that I decided to include a landscape version of the scene in this blog. There is something so simple and clean about the shot that I just love.

Upturned boat at the side of an estuary against a blue sky Upturned Boat II

But which do you prefer – the  landscape version (above) or the portrait version?

Upturned Boat Upturned Boat

I know which one is my favourite, but I would love to get your views on this.

Have a great weekend. MM 🍀

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Encroachment – ABFriday

Laura Macky Photography

It’s ABFriday time!  This really is a fun challenge.  I created this post only a few days after Stacy sent out the email because I love it so much, so it’s been waiting in the queue all this time!  Thank you to those who have sent me such kind and understanding emails. I truly appreciate it!

We were all given an image to work on, so I’ve posted both my image and the original below it.

In general, this is how I did it:

First I removed the lamp post to the left using content aware.  Then I took a moon photo, upsized it and colorized it.   To show the moon in the image, I masked out the area in the sky and retained the branches from the tree on the left using the “Blend if” mode in Layer Style.   In order for the moon to fit perfectly in the…

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Lightness Of Being…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

ImageThis work offers a much different color palette than my collectors and fans are accustomed to.  Most of my work incorporates blues, aquas and reds.  With Spring just around the corner, I wanted to capture a fresh feeling in this art painting.  Warmth in the yellows and reds for the sun and greens for all of the new growth and life.  There is a flow in the paint that lifts the soul upwards and a lightness in spirit is left.  I hope you enjoy this abstract titled “Lightness of Being.  You can learn more here:


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