Laura Macky Photography

A professional photographer once told me that a perfectly balanced picture is nice but it’s merely a “record” of what happened and is not necessarily artistic nor shows individuality.  Now some of you may disagree with that statement and I’m sorry if I made you cringe lol, but that statement has always struck me.

A very crisp picture can be stunning as they are, however, what did I see there really?  Trying to go a bit deeper with my editing process allows me to bring out the emotion I felt when I took the picture.  I think I’ve mentioned this before but I guess I’m trying to reinforce it in my own mind so I think it’s worth saying again.

Here I’ve revamped the original seagull shot which was a decent shot to begin with, but how many gulls on a rock have we seen?  I know I’ve seen a million of them.  But what did I REALLY…

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