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Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 7.09.27 AM

Good Morning, today I am working on the illustration layer of my picture. I am in Photoshop working with the Paintbrush layer and different brushes and sizes. This part is not the most exciting color wise but it is really fun to do the sketching. Working on a computer with a Wacom Tablet is not the easiest way to draw for me but I don’t have a lot of space for art supplies so it works. I can be on my computer and it is a fairly compact creative space.
Once I am done illustrating the black and white layer I will start to figure out which sections I want to fill with what colors and which sections I want to fill with the background design I shared yesterday.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the first design layer that I will apply to the black and white illustration.

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Prehistoric Tea Anyone?

Laura Macky Photography

I still have a few more photos from the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden….I think I have a couple more posts in me.  You know how I like to drag them out haha.

This time I thought I’d share a scenic shot and oddly enough it looked prehistoric to me.  Not what I would expect from a Japanese Tea Garden!  The entire place was just so incredible and I tried to get a little bit of everything in one shot.

Prehistoric Tea Prehistoric Tea

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I Have O.C.D…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

ShitzFBColorful Shih Tzu Dog Art

Mixed Media


Everyone who knows me is well aware of how quickly I process. I think fast. I drive fast. And I paint even faster. When I work with acrylics, my work goes in a furious fashion. It’s all over in a matter of minutes usually. There are the huge beasts that require many hours, but the majority of my work is a race to the finish line. It’s just how I roll.

People have the mistaken idea that digital work is easy. It’s true that running something through a filter does not take much effort. But this little cutie took me over 5 hours to create. It is collage work and bit by tiny bit I form the image using one of my original paintings. Cutting and pasting….cutting and pasting….trimming….adding….tweaking…..It’s maddening in a way. Kind of like O.C.D. (which I have been clinically diagnosed with)…

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