Niagara Falls I Did Go!

Petals Unfolding ... Finding ME

Hubby and I just returned from Niagara Falls, Canada, about one hour ago from this writing.  I planned extensively for this trip all week long, so I would leave nothing to chance and still … things went wrong. I was a bundle of nerves for one.  At first when we finally arrived at the Falls, the railing was too high in order for my tripod to be used and as I stood there trying to figure what in heck to do …

That is when the sun began to come a bit, and it was on the spot I decided to use my ND400 filter instead of my CP filter that I had on my 70-300mm lens.  Folks, I did not want to use my ND400 filter because it is so darn difficult to use.  I returned to an indoor location and put my ND400 filter on and just about…

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