Car Curves – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot


This week’s photo shoot comes from an air show I attended last weekend. As part of the activities there was also a classic car competition. I love restored classic cars from an aesthetic viewpoint. It seems that “back in the day” automakers almost sculpted the lines and curves on cars. Fenders weren’t just part of the side, they were a statement to themselves. Let’s not forget the front grille, they weren’t just a ventilation system for the engine; they were a calling card about what the car stood for. Was it a muscle car exuding power or a luxury car selling that sleek curvy look?

From my perspective, the lines and curves of those great classic cars are an artistic opportunity. I try and shoot elements of the car to tell a story. With that being said, I have attached three separate shots in color and black and white. They both…

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