San Francisco, Under Leaf, Veins, Water Droplets

Steven Tze Photography

ISO320, 38mm, f/4.8, 1/40 sec Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco, CA

All you have to do is look up sometimes, or at least be told to look up as was the case here.  We were wandering through the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, admiring and carefully trying to take photographs of tiny orchids, flowers, and plant details.  At times, taking almost as much time looking at our camera phones and camera viewfinders than at the actual plants.  Though I was seated on a stone bench at the time, enjoying the very large tropical plants, it did not occur to me to look up.  Right above us was a giant leaf with water droplets backlit by the sunlight coming in through the Conservatory’s greenhouse glass.

Fortunately for us, with our annual membership to the Conservatory, we will have time in the future to look up and see new sights such as this.

EXIF data:…

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