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Awesome work!

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

RedNautilus2FBNature’s Perfection 2 – Beach Decor

Red Nautilus Shell Art

Sharon Cummings

Mixed Media

Yesterday someone asked me if I could present my Nautilus Shell landscape rather than portrait.  It required me to move my signature so that it would be in the right place for hanging.  It’s funny because I have been looking at this shell for years in a vertical position.  She is delighted and made a purchase right away.  But it still looks odd to me. My brain wants to move it back to it’s original position.  They say “change” is good, so I will just adjust to this new perspective…


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Deeper Into The Mystery Brings Me Closer To The Truth And Ultimately Understanding More Of The Surface Illusions ~Omaste Witkowski


Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Waves of Consciousness Abstract Creativity Art by Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.comI named my final piece “Waves of Consciousness”
I left you all at Layer #6. I had completed the blue outer rings and was prepared to fill in the last few bits of white. I went back and used the solid colors (no transparency) to fill in the last spaces. I hope you enjoyed my journey into the center of the circle 🙂
Stay tuned next week for a new creation…

Waves of Consciousness Abstract Creativity Art

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Another Leap Forward


Heaven On Earth

LR edited (1 of 1)

Taking the plunge
as I lunge
into another unknown
that which is known
as LR5.

MF Photography/ “Another Leap Forward” 2015©AmyRose

(Even though this image is not “perfect” according to my standards, I wanted to show all of you my progress in LR5 when I took a “break” from editing the final Niagara Falls Photos. I am beginning to run low in my archives that contain flower images, so this weekend, I will be buying a bouquet of flowers to photograph. One way or another, I and Petals will get all of us to Spring! That is a promise from AmyRose!)

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Boulder Creek Winter Wonderland Art Print

Striking Photography by Bo

Boulder Creek Winter Wonderland

A beautiful winter wonderland view of Boulder Creek in Boulder Canyon.  What a beautiful drive this is from the city of Boulder Colorado to Nederland. This was one of those magical Colorado days where it was snowy and cloudy on the foot hills and out east.  But as you made your way up the canyon all the trees were frosted white and the sun was shining above in Nederland. At times you were above the clouds!

Way cool!  As a matter of fact It was it snowing in Rollinsville and sunny in Nederland.  Snowing and sunshine at the same time.  Colorado winter at it’s BEST!

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