Monochrome Madness 2-4 – Monochrome Mayhem

Laura Macky Photography

This is a scheduled post because I won’t be around today, but I didn’t want to miss this week’s Monochrome “M”.   The challenge was to take a photo of something to do with the letter “M”, so I chose Monochrome Mayhem.  I will respond to comments just as soon as I can.  Thank you!

This image was actually taken on my iPhone from the car one night in San Francisco.  I looked out my window and saw this amazing display of graffiti.  It filled up the wall space so well, including the garage door, that I felt it was “in your face” or chaotic so I thought the word “mayhem” would fit.  🙂

Monochrome Mayhem Monochrome Mayhem

Please check Leanne Cole’s blog out later today for the entire gallery.

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Being Aware Of Life Inspires Life To Be Aware Of Us ~Omaste Witkowski

Abstract Art by Omaste Witkowski

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 6.44.02 AM

Today’s layer is a hand drawn illustrated pattern and the first layer of removing some of the white space to reveal the design below.
In case you are wondering how I made this pattern so perfectly balanced and even, I will reveal my secret 🙂 I draw one small image and then in Photoshop I will copy and flip the image first horizontally and then vertically. After I have flipped it twice I have a mirror image of my first drawing on the top and then I fip it again and have a mirror image of the bottom. Voila 🙂 I how have a complete pattern to work with. The artistry and magic for me is to try and figure out how to design a complete pattern from one piece. What will it look like if I……
The process reminds me of creating snowflakes out of construction paper. You fold…

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Cabin fever – things

the Book of Bokeh


This post finishes the ‘Cabin fever’ series of macro shots that I’ve been taking recently in a vain attempt to avoid the cold outside (it snowed Saturday, again) and yet keep up with my photography. It may be difficult to distinguish what some of these objects are, so I have placed a legend at the end so that you can guess what they are as you look through them.

Before viewing the photographs, I would also like to invite you to visit the poetry blog, the Book of Pain. As always, special thanks to my dearest spouse Lyn, who does most of the hard part: the photos selection. Thank you for dropping by the Book of Bokeh.















1) Post’s featured image: drinking straws, seen on end
2) Giant sequoia tree cone
3) Water droplets under a plastic cover
4) match stick heads
5) glass beads (no illumination)
6) strike zone of match…

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Rocky Mountain Canyon Streaming

Striking Photography by Bo

Rocky Mountain Canyon Streaming Art Prints

Another slow shutter speed exposure scenic long portrait view of some of the waterfalls on the south St Vrain Creek flowing down the south St Vrain Canyon from the majestic snow covered Rocky Mountain Peaks above in Boulder County, Colorado.   This is a great ride up to peak to peak highway.  If you take this strait up you will go through Allenspark and past the Chapel on the Rock on the way to   Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain Canyon Streaming Art Prints

Colorado fine art nature landscape photography poster prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, corporate artwork, greeting cards and stock images by James Bo Insogna (C)   – All Rights Reserved.

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