The Oak Tree

Where Words Daily Come

You sang to me a soft
Melodic fantasy
Of a dream you had

Where you thought how
Wonderful it would be
To walk and talk…

Being able to see through
Human eyes rays of raging
Flames from the sun

As they form sunbeams that
Sing and dance, later forming
Shadows of living souls…

But as a dream it was washed
Away and your thoughts died
In yesterday’s madness…

As you realized how
Beautiful it is to be
A tall oak tree

Never knowing the unkindness
Humans do to their fellow humans.

One of my favorites – I Share it for ‘Earth Day.’

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2 thoughts on “The Oak Tree”

  1. Thank you my friend , i have not visited for a while. Health reasons, I am trying to share as much as possible when I am able to sit up. I visited your gallery and your pictures are awesome. I have seen some that really move and inspire me. Soon with your permission I would like to blend a few poems with you awesome pictures. You can choose a couple of images or I can. But as the first we did was a delight to me, I would be more than happy to blend our gifts together! I have written many more poems. I am trying to catch up if that is possible. But any flowers, sunsets, things that are spiritually inspiration, love, nature, sunrises, storms even black and white photos….If you find something that really moves you let me know and I will write a couple for your pictures that will capture their spirit in words! God bless!

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