The Fountain Of Pots – Featured Art Print


I just completed a new art print for my Gardens Gallery titled: The Fountain Of Pots. In this wall art print, I used a fauvism oil technique creating this scene. This technique uses bold abstract brush strokes and strong, bright surreal colors. The wall art print is of a fountain next to a potted palm plant.

The Fountain Of PotsThe Fountain Of Pots

The setting is a patio fountain created using pots stacked on rocks top to bottom creating the trickling water effect. Next to the fountain is a potted palm, which adds an additional element to the scene. I chose to do the print in an abstract style reminiscent of fauvism to really pull out the shapes of the main element of this art print, the fountain itself. The abstract approach and surreal colors create a fun, playful image of this patio fountain. Thoughts?

I invite you to visit my Gardens Gallery

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Touch of Gentleness

Dan Shehan

I’ve been waiting for a while to get some fog images.  Yesterday, I was on top of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County located just north of San Francisco.

The beauty of Mt. Tam are the sunsets with a layer of fog below.  The waves of fog in this image were accentuated using 3 bracketed exposures of 3, 6, and 10sec each, then blended using HDR in LR CC.  Final touches were accomplished in PS and Nik.

I’m really liking the smooth texture illustrating the hilly terrain beneath.

Boy…what a way to end my week.  Happy Monday all! Cheers!!!

Touch of Gentleness Touch of Gentleness

Should you be interested in supporting my art by purchasing this image, please [click here].  Thanks :-))

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Astrophotography Night Black And White Portrait View

Striking Photography by Bo

Astrophotography Night Black and White Portrait View

A scenic portrait view into a black and white dark celestial night sky with the silhouette of a forest tree looking into a stellar starfield galaxy and universe.

Scientists believe that we can only see about 5% of the matter in the Universe. The rest is made up of invisible matter (called Dark Matter) and a mysterious form of energy known as Dark Energy.

Light from distant stars and galaxies takes so long to reach us, that we are actually seeing objects as they appeared hundreds, thousands or even millions of years ago. So, as we look up at the sky, we are really looking back in time.

Shooting stars are usually just tiny dust particles falling through our atmosphere. Comets sometimes pass through Earth’s orbit, leaving trails of dust behind. Then as Earth plows through the dust in its path, the particles heat up, creating the streaks in the…

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My First Flash Photo

Laura Macky Photography

Yesterday I received my new Nikon SB-700 flash and am having fun learning!  This is my very first flash photo and I’m excited about delving into a whole new area of photography.  And um yes, I did photoshop it just a little bit but nothing that affects the basic light.

My setup is a little popup white studio with a black cloth inside.  The flash was set up outside the photo studio to the right of the flower.  It’s a meshy material so the flash is diffused.  I then also used a bit of flash on my camera to fill in the shadows.  I’m looking forward to learning more and more so that I can get creative.

Macro Sunflower

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Highway to 5th Heaven

Transitions.   We all know them.  The phases of Life when we leave behind an aspect of our Lives to begin a new one.  Both frightening and exciting, these phases, depending on our perspective, can lead to New Horizons of New Worlds.  We can go to those New Horizons kicking and screaming, or we can elect to go with a Trust and a Calm, knowing that everything will somehow eventually stabilize, balance out, and bring to us another Branch of our Dreams.

I know of one such person who has entered the Transition Phase of Life.  Kathy , my dear friend, as you settle into your new home, know that what lies ahead of you, is nothing short of Miraculous.  May this photograph somehow speak to your Soul to bring to you, Peace, and a refreshing of your weariness.

For all of you going through Transitions at this time of your…

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Bryce Canyon National Park Views

Striking Photography by Bo

Bryce Canyon National Park Views

Scenic landscape view into Bryce Canyon National Park.  A spectacular place to visit.

Interesting fact: Water, ice, and gravity are the natural forces that formed the geological “hoodoos” that make Bryce Canyon unique.

This park is named after Ebenezer Bryce, who started ranching the area in 1875. Upon showing the canyons to visitors, he is said to have remarked, “It’s a hell of a place to lose a cow.”

Bryce Canyon’s rocks are among the youngest of those on the Colorado Plateau, dating back a mere 65 million years ago to the Cretaceous period.

Cool fact: Most rural parts of the U.S. have 2500 stars visible on any given clear night. At Bryce Canyon, that number jumps to a whopping 7500. Currently, these essential remaining dark night skies are being threatened by mining in the nearby community of Alton. The mining will potentially adversely affect the clear skies. It is…

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