Heaven On Earth

Transitions.   We all know them.  The phases of Life when we leave behind an aspect of our Lives to begin a new one.  Both frightening and exciting, these phases, depending on our perspective, can lead to New Horizons of New Worlds.  We can go to those New Horizons kicking and screaming, or we can elect to go with a Trust and a Calm, knowing that everything will somehow eventually stabilize, balance out, and bring to us another Branch of our Dreams.

I know of one such person who has entered the Transition Phase of Life.  Kathy , my dear friend, as you settle into your new home, know that what lies ahead of you, is nothing short of Miraculous.  May this photograph somehow speak to your Soul to bring to you, Peace, and a refreshing of your weariness.

For all of you going through Transitions at this time of your…

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One thought on “Transitions”

  1. So much Gratitude fills my Heart with your reblog! Thank you! While standing taking this photo, I experienced so much Peace. May that Peace BE with you today for Blessing me. Love, Amy ❤

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