Abstract Art

sweet light, color and tones

Petals Unfolding

Friends, I am so far behind in comments and here I am publishing another post.  It is just that I am in such awe of what I am discovering, and my first thought is I wish to share what I am seeing and learning with YOU.  This is my LAST day in my gardens, as in the reopening of them, so over this weekend, and maybe later this day, I will begin going through the comments in order to answer them or at the very least, like them.

Now … Let me tell you what I am learning!  OH MY GOSH!  My favorite time of the day to photograph is, and has been, evening hours.  The Light is so magical!  With my new macro lens, I am really focusing on the Light, shapes, and now distance.  What I am creating is taking my breath away!

This photograph below I did…

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