Frank J. Casella, Photographer, US – Chicago

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“Today I just call myself a photographer; I make pictures of goodness and hope.”

frank-j-casella-1425060945-mediumFrank J. Casella, Photographer, US – Chicago

Frank J. Casella is a Chicagoland photographer who has spent his lifetime perfecting how to make award-winning photography, to put an audience where his subject is [ Pictures People Listen To ].  Born and raised in a Family-Owned Business, Frank, photographed the Chicago ministry of the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, and was mentored by John H. White – Pulitzer Prize photojournalist. While he is known for publication photography, Frank’s main concentration is museum-quality Fine Art Photography. He focuses on the simple moments in life and on “Goodness and Hope”.  Frank believes that Art is not a luxury and says “making the world smile one person at a time in my thing!”

Artist Statement
Photography for me is mostly about how the click of the shutter records history…

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