The Greatest Love

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The Love Of Jesus

Is deeper than the deepest oceans
It’s much higher than the skies above
Its more radiant than a million suns
And greater than the greatest love

Its touch will heal a hearts sorrow
Its energy chases loneliness away
Its spirit will make demons tremble
In its presence evil will not stay

His great love will embrace every one
His loving grace will never turn away
No matter the wrong one may have done
His love will always invite you to stay

It is the greatest gift one can imagine
The sweetest honey a heart will ever know
His pure love is a priceless assurance
Bringing wanting hearts to never let go

His love will always satisfy our needs
His blessing of love will be everlasting
Once you embrace his amazing treasure
His loves joy will be long-lasting.

The Love of Jesus.

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Colorado Western Landscape with Red Barns

Striking Photography by Bo

 Colorado Western Landscape Red Barns Art Print

Black and white with selective coloring Colorado western scenic landscape of a ranch in the high country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains with red barns. This was o the drive up Wolf Creek pass from Alamosa. So many cool view live traveling back in time the way the old west was then. Nice to see landscape not developed to the max.

Wolf Creek Pass, elevation. 10,857 ft. is a high mountain pass on the Continental Divide, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. It is the route through which U.S. Highway 160 passes from the San Luis Valley into southwest Colorado on its way to New Mexico and Arizona through four corners. .  The pass is significantly steep on either side (6.8% maximum grade) and can be dangerous in winter.

The pass is also home to Wolf Creek ski area located on the eastern side of the Continental Divide on…

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