Soon…very verrrrry soon….

Laura Macky Photography

I’m “almost” finished with the store.  I took a break yesterday from it.  Yay for breaks!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you this HDR image from last year from atop Mt. Diablo.  The function of this door is still a mystery and why I call it “Door to Nowhere”.  It was a bracketed three exposure photo taken on my D7100.  Even though I’m on my D750 now, the D7100 is a great camera….the shot came out nicely on all three bracketed photos which made it easier for me to process it into one photo.

Not that I’m an HDR expert by any means, but from what I’ve learned about processing my own photos is I’m a firm believer in not just clicking a button in a filter and calling it done.  The Photomatix or Nik HDR merge is only one step within my photoshop files.    And I must…

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