The Only One I Need

Where Words Daily Come


Oh Lord my God, the beauty
of your word is my spirits
strength and its radiance
fills my heart with bliss

You have left me breathless
sweeping my heart away, whom
shall I love in my life but
you, for you alone bring me

Whom shall I embrace each day
when you alone can satisfy
my thirst, and by your hands my
hunger is always stilled

I only stand because your power
lifted me, I bow down before you
because your grace has saved me
blessing my life in an awesome way

Whom shall I honor this day,
only you shall be honored with
my hearts praise. I shall declare
to all whom live in this world

Always reminding them of your
wonderful majesty and the
heavenly grace of the only
one who can save

You alone can renew life
and my very breath is yours,
as my love…

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