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Highway to 5th Heaven

The following post is for two of my friends, [Marissa] , being one of those friends who does not ever cease to amaze me by her curious Mind and her unending abilities to weave a good story.  Marissa, here is something I think you can sink your “teeth into”.  Please enjoy!

I have one other friend in mind today who I consider to be one very courageous and Gifted woman who is a female doctor in a medical system that has gone completely insane (IMO).  [Doc] , the following post is for you.  My HOPE is that my words give room for you to think upon, as you continue to walk a very difficult and challenging Path.  You truly have my respect!

I must close comments on this post today.  For those of you who do not know, not only do I answer comments on Petals, but I also do…

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Rainbow Down

Striking Photography by Bo

Rainbow Down Art Print

Here is another view and close-up of a rainbow raining down on beautiful Arches National Park in Utah.   There were a lot of photogs out on this Sunday. One guy had a huge L lens shooting all over the place… I had to yell at him to turn around to get this before it was gone.  He did not even see it.   We laughed and he thanked me.   It was fun chasing this rainbow around the park to get diffient views of something incredible happening on the landscape.  Put this place on your bucket list, well worth the fun and journey.

Humans have occupied the region since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Fremont people and Ancient Pueblo People lived in the area up until about 700 years ago. Spanish missionaries encountered Ute and Paiute tribes in the area when they first came through in 1775, but the first…

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