Pine Hole Camera Nude

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April 16, 2014

Silhouetted Nude Silhouetted Nude

The model was holding a parachute, the lighting was in front of her creating a silhouette.The Model’s back was facing the camera. This made for an interesting buy ephemeral image.

This was shot with a medium format pinhole camera that I built. The camera has an f-stop of 177 giving me incredible depth of field however diffraction does reduce sharpness (as does movement). This image was shot on Ilford Delta 3200 using an EI of 6400 the  exposure was 10 seconds (one Mississippi, two Mississippi etc.). The film was developed in PMK diluted 1+2+100 for 25 minutes. The exposure was still about a stop under exposed but after scanning into Lightroom the negatives were easy to manipulate. I was able to keep the exposure short enough for the model to hold a pose (the model still had a little movement reducing sharpness).

One light was used, one was placed to the…

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