Rollinsville Colorado Lightning Thunderstorm

Striking Photography by Bo

Rollinsville Colorado Lightning Thunderstorm

Fantastic afternoon thunderstorms roll in to the Colorado Rocky Mountains high country almost on a daily basis in the summer.  Lightning strikes once or twice and moves in and out pretty fast.  Mostly in the early or late afternoon time of day.  It is vary hard to catch a still shot without a lightning trigger in the day especially when it is random and does not hit more then a couple times. But it can be done, I do not use a trigger.

This storm lightning strikes were about 20 to 25 at least,  very rare to see that many and scary if you are on the mountain top  Smile .     4:00pm, June 13th, 2015.      This is a view of lightning striking over the small town of Rollinsville, Colorado, Gilpin County.  The snow covered continental divide is right under the lightning bolts covered in clouds.   This image was shot with…

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