Raindrops On Petals

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Heaven On Earth

This year, due to the torrential rains we have been getting, my Roses are not flowering much.  The Roses that are flowering I want you to know, are few and far between.  What I am able to capture, I hope you who view these Beauties, cherish them.  Perhaps 6 Rose bushes out of a total of 32 have flowered, and most of them when they do, I have to be quick with my camera, because the bloom does not last long at all.

What a sad year for Roses.

I leave you with this Beauty as I ran out in between rain storms.  I am so glad I made the effort to capture Her, because within days, She was gone.  As you gaze upon Her Petals, notice how she is glowing from within.  Even though my Roses are struggling, when they do flower, they are SO happy to see me…

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