The G.O.O.D. Life…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

It is finished!  After many interactions with my collector, it has become very apparent to me that there is a great love of life in his home.  Between his wife, children, his beloved dogs and beautiful property, he is living “The Good Life”.  This gigantic piece of art has been titled accordingly.  It was my great pleasure to paint for the Neri family and I hope for more opportunities in the future!


The weather has not wanted to cooperate for the last few weeks.  It has been rain every single day here in Florida!  So we waited….Not ideal lighting for photographing art, but I was able to get some shots without a torrential downpour. 🙂


I thought I would be able to become “one” with the painting.  I needed to have pants with one side blue and one red and I would have blended right in. 😉

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