A Very Grave Post (2 images)

You really captured the mood.

Laura Macky Photography

The other evening I ventured out with my camera club to the Mountain View Cemetery to get some Halloween inspiration.  I found myself saying “excuse me” as I carefully tiptoed over the graves.  Yes I know…it’s a bit weird but then need I say more?  LOL.

I’m going to participate in Ed Mooney’s Halloween challenge so I’m going to save my best one (at least the one I think is my best) for his challenge.  In the meantime, the first image shown here was processed in Photoshop and tonemapped in Nik HDR.  The second image shown is sort of an overview of the area from inside the cemetery.  You can see Downtown Oakland with the tall buildings out in the distance and you can even see the hills across the bay and part of San Francisco to the right in the distance.  I’m so glad the deceased have prime real estate lol.

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